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Trinity Republic is a group of like-minded problem solvers who partner with clients nationwide to apply technology to business challenges. We prioritize integrity as our highest organizational virtue; who we are and how we work is more important to us than what we build. Professionally, we see software as a craft which means we’re inquisitive, studious, and always searching for ways to improve our ability to deliver solutions. We take joy in our work and strive to help our clients delight in their work as well. Here’s a little more detail about what we do…

Our Services

Web Applications

We have extensive skill and experience in building web-based applications and APIs for both "the cloud" and on-premise using Microsoft's technology platform: ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, Azure, and more (aka. WISC stack).

Mobile & Native

We have experience building native software for iOS, Windows, and Linux as well as embedded platforms.


When a client has a LoB application that needs to automate a process in another system, we can write the "glue code" for that. We have experience integrating SharePoint as well as a wide variety of custom applications.


Everything is a service! Sometimes our clients simply don’t even know where to start with a problem. Everyone occasionally runs into the problem of not knowing what they don't know, and we can help with that!